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43 thoughts on “Send us your Grad Photo

  1. Congratulations Matthew Grady Bigby
    Tri-County Technical College Graduate
    Class of 2020
    Associate’s in Science

  2. What a journey this has been! I decided to go back to school at age 29 with 2 kids and a developing (and demanding) career. It took 3 years to get my 2 year degree but I am so thankful for the education and experience. I couldn’t have been successful in my endeavors without the love and support of my family and friends. Without each and every one of them, I wouldn’t have made it. So thank you Mom, Dad, and Lulu for all the time you sacrificed helping me reach my goal. Thank you to my children for being my inspiration to finish this journey (they never let me forget I had to get my homework done first before I could play with them). And thank you to Chris, my loving other half, my rock, and my biggest motivator. You always helped me keep my chin up and wiped the tears away when it felt like I wasn’t going to make it.

    The tassel was worth the hassle! c/o 2020!!

  3. This has been a long journey, but I can say I have enjoyed it. I got accepted into the Nursing program and I am so excited. I have always dreamed of becoming a nurse since, I was a little girl. Now it’s time to make Those dreams come true.

  4. Being a DACA student wasn’t easy, but I did it!!!! Thank you TCTC for all the memories and great professors!

  5. Can’t believe this day has come. Not how I wanted it to end but so proud to be graduating! Let’s go Class of 2020!!!!

  6. Can’t believe today has come! Not the way I wanted it to be but proud to be getting my diploma! Let’s go Class of 2020!

  7. Associate in Media Arts Production – Class of 2020! I couldn’t have done it without the love and support from my fiance and family!!

  8. Christina Amanda Clark, RN-ADN
    Associate’s in applied science- Nursing/ May 2020
    Passed NCLEX and became an RN/ June 2020
    “A vision without action is merely a dream.”

  9. Yay!! We did it! Thank you @TCTC, family and friends for all of your support during this time.

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